Kinsey Erickson


A Northwestern University Psychology Student Finishing Her Senior Year

Photo by Ying Dai.

Photo by Ying Dai.

I learned how to read by playing Pokémon Yellow, and ever since then, games have been an integral part of my life. As a game designer, I’m interested in the ways that games provoke thought, discussion, and growth in their players. With my main focus of study at Northwestern University being Psychology, I’m particularly passionate about making games that can be used as interventions, as part of a curriculum, or to promote acceptance and activism. I had the pleasure of interning at the University of Chicago’s Game Changer Chicago Design Lab where I researched and designed games focused on teenagers’ sexual health and consent. In the future I plan on designing games to be used as supplements for therapeutic treatment of depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses.

Apart from designing games, I advocate for diversity and inclusion in tech and gaming spaces, host an actual play D&D podcast Dungeons & Designated Dragons with my friends, bullet journal, cook, and regularly catch Cinemark’s discount Tuesday movies.