Kinsey Erickson
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Coral Reef VR

Coral Reef VR, May 2018


An experiment in developing for the HTC Vive in Unity, Coral Reef VR allows players to witness firsthand the decline of a beautiful coral reef. The game is rooted in our research on reef habitats, coral bleaching, and global warming and will serve to both entertain and educate the player as they create and maintain a coral reef. The players are able to design and care for their own reef in virtual reality, allowing them to move through the coral as they create it. Coral Reef VR is a project that I and three other team members (Ben Singer, Kyle White-Sullivan, and Samuel Bernitz) worked on under Rebecca Poulson at the Device Lab at Northwestern University. I worked as the project manager and as a programmer, and created on the coral placement and fish AI seen in the bottom right GIF. Additionally, I developed a prototype design for the world in Tiltbrush seen above, and coordinated with Sam Bernitz to create the models used in the game, seen in the bottom left GIF.