Kinsey Erickson

Digital Lockets

Digital Lockets, March 2018


I once read that setting a photo of your significant other as your lock screen is my generation’s equivalent of wearing a locket with your loved one’s portrait in it— a comparison that immediately left me enchanted. Digital Lockets is an explorable archive of crowdsourced phone lock screens. Two lock screens are presented at a time, and when one is clicked, the other changes to another lock screen that is, in some way, similar to the one you chose.

Digital Lockets was inspired by Alexei Shulgin’s Desktop Is; specifically, it was the idea that our desktops are mirrors into our brains’ default operating that I wanted to translate to our smartphones. My goal with this project was both to broadcast what people hold important enough to see hundreds of times per day as well as to get us thinking about how the things we cherish have more in common with each other’s than we might at first see.