Kinsey Erickson


Inactivity, April 2017


During spring of 2017, two fraternity chapters at Northwestern were facing allegations of sexual assault. Despite a widespread student support of the survivors and calls for the chapters to be disbanded, the university did not place the fraternities on probation for their actions and explained their reasoning in an email sent to each student. It was this email that made me notice the many varied ways a campus struggles with agency when trying to protect individuals that had theirs stripped from them. What does agency look like? How do our actions (or, rather, inactions) dictate what agency we allow others? By their very nature, Twine games function on agency— the player selects the options, the player moves the branching narrative forward— and so I created Inactivity to explore the how a campus negotiates agency and autonomy in the wake of such a traumatic event.

You can play Inactivity here.