Kinsey Erickson
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The U Word

The U Word, June 2018

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Explore what remains of an old YouTube vlog series in which Amy Perez, a new hire at one of the biggest game studios, shares her experiences with games, crunch, work, and unionization. The videos have been heavily edited since they were originally posted, so the player must piece together what happened to Amy by reading her original video descriptions, audio transcripts, and later edit notes. The U Word was the final project for my Chicago Field Studies in the Humanities Spring 2018 class and was made to highlight and examine current game development working conditions in reference to my coursework regarding labor. It was inspired by the feeling akin to dread that one may feel when they stumble upon a large internet-based event after the fact— much like clicking the link to “Show More Comments “ on a YouTube comment thread, the player knows from the beginning that something went wrong, but not what, or when, or how.

You can play The U Word here.